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Bob Campbell, Master of Wine Bob Campbell has judged wine professionally in twelve countries, contributes regularly to wine publications around the world and has lectured on wine in many countries. His speciality is New Zealand wine which he reviews from an international perspective. He gained his Master of Wine qualification in 2000.
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Austria Riesling Reviews

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WineScore/100Approx. PriceDate Tasted
Salomon Undhof Kogl Austria Riesling 201089-Sep 2011
Salomon Undhof Kogl Austria Riesling 200990-Jun 2011
Salomon Pfaffenberg Austria Riesling 200987-Jun 2011
Salomon Undhof Pfaffenberg Austria Riesling 200793NZD $36Jan 2009
Pichler Smaragd Durnsteiner Kellerberg Austria Riesling 200690-Jan 2008