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Bob Campbell, Master of Wine Bob Campbell has judged wine professionally in twelve countries, contributes regularly to wine publications around the world and has lectured on wine in many countries. His speciality is New Zealand wine which he reviews from an international perspective. He gained his Master of Wine qualification in 2000.
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Wine Reviews by Bob Campbell, Master of Wine

I taste several thousand wine each year and record tasting notes for around 2500. This website contains ratings of wines tasted over the past two years. Please excuse any typos and the occasional abbreviation - the task of properly editing this material is Mammoth. If you do find any obvious errors I'd appreciate your feedback and promise to make corrections immediately, well, almost immediately. My scores out of 100 are not the same as Robert Parker's 100-point rating. To give you an idea of their value and relationship to medals awarded at Australasian wine shows, here's an interpretation of scores:

96-100 - Absolutely outstanding. The pinnacle of wine quality. Highly collectible.
93-95 - Excellent. Top quality wine, strongly recommended.


90-92 - Very good, but not great, wines of well above average quality and character.
85-89 - Above average wines.


80-84 - Average to good.
78-79 - Sound wines that may represent good value.

It is important to note that wines earning 78 points and above represent approximately the top 50% of all wines reviewed. It's worth reading the tasting note to gain an idea of style and to see why a wine turned me on (or off).

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